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AiR THE NEXT STATION is based on the philosophy that a railway station is only a temporary place to wait for transport to the next stop. In that view we are looking for accommodation that fits in that view.
Our first studio will be a part of a Finnish wooden train wagon. The wagon is built in 1957 and is taken out of the service in 1970. After that it is cut in different parts and one part is used as a summer cottage, including a sauna.

Train wagon in use as a summer cottage in Haukivuori

In winter 2014 it is given to AiR THE NEXT STATION in Hiirola. After the first inspection we concluded that this is an interesting opportunity to start building new accommodation in the yard of Hiirola railway station. Thanks to the owner it was possible to get it for free.

Train wagon as a studio place for artists in Hiirola railway station

The train wagon is maybe series E, which production started 1925. This short wagon was designed to be used for local traffic. It has double entrance doors at the balcony.
The numbering series E started from 961. On this wagon a part of the old numbering is still visible above the balcony door. The top number is the wagon number and the bottom number is the seats number. Top number seems to be 99... and under this number there is number 6.., which looks like 61. This number of seats is regular in this cars.

Length of E-type is: 13 meters.
As this part of the wagon is about 6.40 meters it is half of the original wagon.

Using white plywood on walls and ceilings started in 20's and 30's. The seats in the wagon are typical on 3rd class wagons.

The wagon is probably renewed in 1957 and covered with hardboard on the walls.
In the early 70's the wagon is taken out and ended on the yard of a summer cottage. A sauna was built on the balcony.

In 2014 the wagon is transported to Hiirola railway station and it will be used as a studio for artists.

The condition of the wagon is good, even it does not look so well. During summer 2014 it is the intention to renovate the wagon.
AREFS is planning to cooperate with artists to develop and design the inside space.

The size is 6.40 meter long, 3.20 m width and 3.20 m high, including the balcony at the end.

Artists can send ideas with a calculation of the costs to until May 31st 2014.
The work will start in the half of June.
If more information is needed you can send an email with your questions to the same address. 

 train wagon series E image VR-Olavi Karasjoki 1958

image VR/Olavi Karasjoki 1958
train wagon series E image VR-Olavi Karasjoki map of the part of the train wagon in Hiirola
Map of the train wagon series E.
Part of the wagon which is located at Hiirola station.



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