• AREFS taide ja kultuuri ry is located in Haukivuori in rural Finland and organizes and supports art and culture projects

AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry
AREFS art and culture association

  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE - participating artists - past

The new artist-in-residence is the follow-up of the program in art centre Saksala ArtRadius. From 2005-2011 over 100 artists have participated in the various programs of the art centre. Unfortunately is had to be closed, but the board of AREFS is proud to announce that a new program will start in summer 2014.
THE NEXT STATION is based on experiences with the art programs done in the past. Even the new location is much smaller and the facilities are not yet on a high level, artist will get a challenging time.

Below the list of participating artists in the past:

Kiril Prashkov - Bulgaria
Ton Kalle - the Netherlands
Roland de Jong-Orlando - the Netherlands
Mari Shields - USA/the Netherlands
Varol Topaç - Turkey
Jaak Hillen - Belgium
Lucien den Arend - Finland/the Netherlands
Elina Tuhkanen - USA/Finland
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti - Thailand
Jonathon Bailey - Australia
Marius Monkam - Cameroon

CADRE group - Cameroon
Rumen Dimitrov - Bulgaria
Stephan Curelaru - Rumania
Yildiz Güner - Turkey
Barbara Sasshofer - Austria
Janina Rudnicka - Poland
Veli Blakçori - Kosovo
Woo Bock Lee - South Korea/Sweden
Cully Renwick - USA
Jil van Seventer - the Netherlands
Jolanda Schouten - the Netherlands
Felice - the Netherlands
Vincent Huisman - the Netherlands
Margreet Huisman - the Netherlands
Inge Roozen - the Netherlands
Philippe Cusse - France
Irene Anton - Germany
Ulrika Sparre - Sweden

Olavi Nyman - Finland
Irene Anton - Germany
Ulrika Sparre - Sweden
Eva Häkkinen - Finland
Clara van den Bosch - the Netherlands
Lisa Hovsepian - USA
Miyuki Kido - Japan
Cassie Thornton - USA
Mari Shields - USA/the Netherlands

Ilse van den Berk - the Netherlands
Claire Watson - Australia
Behrouz Rae - Iran
Fereshte Moosavi - Iran
Mariëtte Cordes - the Netherlands
Jean Christophe Piette - France
Eva Häkkinen - Finland
Heta Kekäläinen - Finland
Marie-Julie Jacquet - France
Celine Roesthuis - the Netherlands

Gerlinde Miesenboeck - Austria
Karen Kerkhoven - Australia
Ludmila Belova - Russia
Nadia Zubareva - Russia
Pedro Jaime Riva - Argentina
Ilse van den Berk - the Netherlands
Tiina Suhonen - Finland/Norway
Lucien den Arend Finland/the Netherlands
Varol Topaç - Turkey
Marijke Bongers - the Netherlands

Pål Jomås - Norway
Anna-Lea Kopperi - Finland
Tiina Mielonen - Finland
Alexander Nikitin - Russia/Finland
Hanri van Heerden - South Africa
Marc Walter - Canada
Rumen Dimitrov - Bulgaria
David Kochavi - Israel
Mariëtte Cordes - the Netherlands
Marja de Jong - Finland/the Netherlands
Siard Haantjes - Finland/the Netherlands
Matiass Jansons - Latvia
Isabelle Rouquette - Belgium

Dominique van Ipenburg - the Netherlands
Melanie Fitzmaurice - Australia
Tessa Androutsopoulos - Greece/Finland
Shona MacPherson - UK
Sergey Komarov - Russia
Silvia Casilli - Italy
Pamela Whitaker - Ireland
Mariëtte Cordes - the Netherlands
Martijn van Zanten - the Netherlands
Marijke Bongers - the Netherlands

A list can be found on the website of Saksala ArtRadius.









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