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HIIROLA - Etelä-Savo

The history of Hiirola-village is published in the document Hiirolan Kylähistoriaa. The text is in Finnish, but it is an interesting document about different aspects of the life in the small village.
From page 67 there is information about the railway station.

In the movie Blade af Satans Bog from 1920  by Carl Theodor Dreyer  the 4th episode is located in Hiirola during the civil war. The railway station and the school are the background of the civil war between red and white. On you tube are different parts available. Click here to see a clip (in Danish) from the 4th episode.

Interior of the railway station as seen by Carl Theodor Dreyer in the movie "Blade af Satans Bog"

The landscape around Hiirola as presented in the movie.



















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