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AREFS art and culture association

  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

VIA•ARS•NATURA, the way to art and nature
pilot project

The first step will be realized with an exhibition of sculptures and land art in Mikkelipuisto during summer 2009. Thanks to different companies which will transport the sculptures to and from the location and to the artists who make available their sculptures free  of charge the workgroup can bring new elements in this experimental garden area of Mikkeli.

The opening is on June 12 at 18.00

The exhibition can be visited until October and the entrance is free.

Participating artists:

Kari Huhtamo Finland
Lucien den Arend - Finland
Jaak Hillen - Belgium
Mari Shields - USA/the Netherlands
Veli Blakçori - Kosovo
Yildiz Guner - Turkey


POAM - Penttilä Open Air Museum



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