• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line



On 1 October 2014, the Savo railway celebrates its 125 years anniversary and the SAVON RADAN ryhmä is planning a program in which several stations will participate. The celebration will be used to present the various plans and to involve the population into the further development of cultural diversity along the track.
It is our plan to invite local people to the different participating stations by offering interesting activities, workshops, exhibitions, art and design, music, flee markets, food, lectures, and discussions. We are planning a program during spring, summer and autumn to be able to involve different target groups.

Preparing the program and activities during spring, summer and autumn. These will take place on different locations.




March 3 18.00
Meeting with the village group of Kalvitsa in the old school of Kalvitsa

March 5 17.30
Meeting with the village group of Hiirola in the local school of Hiirola.


Children at the Hiirola school are cleaning the yard of Hiirola station

People from Hiirola are cleaning the surroundings of Hiirola station.


Art activities and workshops about the railway with children in the schools of Hiirola and Rämälä.


Art activities with children - painting and creating a huge train on fabric

Contest: "Stories , images and meanings of local railway buildings " poetry, photography and art about history, contemporary and future meaning of the Savo-line for the villages

Community activities to reconstruct traditional garden structures


Art workshops at the school in Rämälä.
1st and 2nd class making the installation NÄKEMIIN
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class painting a huge train on fabric.

Different groups are assisting to clean up the environment and are installing the art works of the children.



Main celebration on different locations

Old train from Pieksämäki to Otava

Traditional music at the different stations

Food experiences related to traditional food.

Presentations and performances on the platforms and in the yards

Mannerheim Saloon Wagon open for visitors

Evening program in Otava with music and performances


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