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SAVON-RADAN publications

Savon Rautatie by Petri Pentikáinen 

The book Savon Rautatie Kouvola-Kuopio 1889-2014(in Finnish) by Petri Pentikäinen contents the history of the Savo rail.

The book is published by Petri Pentikäinen during the 125 years anniversary of the Savo rail.

The book can be ordered by the author Petri Pentikäinen, and by AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry.

ISBN 978-952-93-4218-1
37€ + shipping

radan varrella kirja

In the book RADAN VARRELLA (in Finnish) by Jussi Iltanen all the Finnish railway stations are documented.

The book is published by Karttakeskus during the 150 anniversary of the VR (Finnish Railway Company) in 2012.

Information (in Finnish) can be found on the webpage of Karttakeskus

leaves of Satan's book episode 4 Hiirola

In 1920 the Danish director Carl Drayer has created a silent movie titled "Leaves from Satan's Book". The forth episode of this movie is located in Hiirola railway station and Hiirola school.

Information about the movie, content and cast can be found by this link.

An outtake of the 4th episode of the movie can be viewed by YouTube.






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