• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

SAVON-RADAN railway station Kalvitsa

open 1.10.1889
closed 29.5.1983

architect Knut Nylander

The Kalvitsa railway station is built after the plan of the railway architect Knut Nylander. In 1935 the building is expanded with a part at the right.

kalvitsa railway station

The railway building in Kalvitsa is developing into a regional railway museum with an interesting collection.

In the annual Kalvitsa-päivä many activities are organized in and around the building. One of the attractions is the old Museum train Dm7 "lättähattu"
On the next YouTube video another part of a tour of the Museum train along the railway stations of the Savo-line.
And a stop at Hiirola railway station.
The last part of the tour at Haukivuori railway station.

 main map of railway buildings along the Savon-rata.

National Archive of Finland - Helsinki

The design of Knut Nylander is used for over 40 railway buildings in Finland.


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