• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

SAVON-RADAN railway station Kantala

open 1.10.1889
closed 29.5.1983

architect Knut Nylander

  kantala railway station in 2005
Kantala railway station in 2005, it is closed. image ©2005 Marcel de Boer
Kantala railway station 1987 image Jukka Martio Kantala railway station in the 20ties
Kantala railway station is extended in a similar way as Haukivuori station. In 1987 it was not longer in use. image © 1987 Jukka Martio
Kantala railway station in the 20ties

On the right image the railway station of Kantala is in the original design. The left photo is taken in 2005 and shows the building is similar like Haukivuori station. As the building is empty for decades it is not longer in a good condition.

Map of Kantala by Knut Nylander - National Archive of Finland Helsinki








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