• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

SAVON-RADAN railway station Mikkeli

open 1.10.1889

Mikkeli is halfway Kouvola and Pieksämäki, the station is still open for passengers and ticket sales.


postcard mikkeli railway station 1902 mikkeli railway station stamp of postcard 1902

Postcard of Mikkeli railway station in early 1900 ©Pekka Pitkänen

and stamp of the original postcard

Mikkeli railway station after renovation in early 2000 Mikkeli railway station by night

In early 2000 the railway station was renovated

The Mannerheim Saloon Wagon is laced at Mikkeli railway station

At Mikkeli railway station: the original Saloon wagon used by Mannerheim during the war.
More information about the Mannerheim Saloon Wagon on the website of Mikkeli.
A virtual sight-seeing through the wagon on the web page of the museum




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