• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

SAVON-RADAN railway station Otava

open 1.10.1889
closed 1.10.1977

architect Knut Nylander

The railway station Otava is based on the original plan of Knut Nylander. In 1911 the building is expanded at the right with a similar part.

railway station otava

The railway station is closed for passengers in 1977. These days the industrial and graphic designer Seppo Koponen lives and works in the station. He is one of the participants of the SAVON-RADAN ryhmä and his station will be one of the places which can be visited during the celebration events of the Savo-Rata 125 years in 2014.

 railway station otava early 1900

The railway station in early 1900.

map Knut Nylander

National Archive of Finland - Helsinki

Otava station is based on the architectural design of Knut Nylander.





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