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International Art Camp
"Discovering Magic and Mystery of Nature"

In summer 2014 AREFS is co-organizer of an art camp in Vehmaskylä.

children building with natural materials children active in nature children active in nature children active in nature 

children in nature  children active in and with nature 

7.- 13. August 2014, Vehmaskylä, Mikkeli

Nature is a playground and a source of life.
The art camp invites youth (aged 10-16) to enter the landscape in Vehmaskylä (Mikkeli) to go into a world of hidden treasures.
Nature offers the magic of an unknown world and by entering the forests and fields it is possible to discover the mystery of the living animals and their habitat.

Through art and poetry new and alternative ways to enter nature and to discover its importance will be done.

Working language is English.

The participation cost is 295 euro (includes room and board as well as program activities, and excursions).

comfortable premises,
rooms for 4-8 people,
two-tier beds.

Camp is organised by:
Vehmaskylän wanha koulu (Mikkeli),
AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry (Hiirola),
Parallels Association (Petrozavodsk, Russia).

Additional information and registration:
Inna Kopoteva,, +358 41 5272537 and Marja de Jong, 

at work in nature 

PDF file with information

More information about Children-Countryside.

The first youth art camp in 2014.












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