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International Art Camp 2015
"Discovering Magic and Mystery of Nature"

In summer 2015 AREFS is co-organizer of an art camp in Vehmaskylä.

international youth art camp Vehmaskylä

drawing outside international youth art camp

The international youth art camp invites young people to observe the environment in different ways. One part of the art activities is sketching details and looking for structures. Another part is collecting nature materials to create objects with the intention to decorate a trunk.

nature decorations during the art camp

exploring the environment of the art camp

The decorated trunk will be the end of different routes through the forest.

painting activities

painting trunk and landscape from another point of view

The decorated trunk has been used in a different way of painting a landscape.

paintings about the tree trunk in Vehmaskylä

Some results of the paintings about the tree trunk in the yard.

PDF file with information

More information about Children-Countryside.

The first youth art camp in 2014.












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