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NATURALLY ART - ART EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM FOR TEACHERS 2nd session at Rämälä school and POAM in Kangasniemi

Program on the PDF file 2015 Naturally Art
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In de morning the group visited the primary school of Rämälä to see the art education workshops in the 1st and 2nd group by Marja de Jong.

Children are offered a palette with the primary colors and white and a piece of white paper, this time 20x20 cm.
They started to mix as much colors as possible and bring them on their paper. This is a way to makes it easy that the background will be part of the final painting. Often children draw with their brush a shape and start coloring it later. In this way they get the feeling how to develop their image step by step.
In the first workshop they painted with bigger brushes as their is much space to cover.

In the introduction they have seen different pictures from artists with a different way of painting. This is important to give attention to create an own handwriting in painting by children.

The group has made an own weblog below the translated text from their weblog:

"To this day, the path is arts education, the difference ..."  Marja de Jong

Morning in Rämälä ...

The artist Marja de Jong started an art session with an elementary school class where recalled the way to pick up the brush and the color mixing technique in a palette already worked in earlier time. Proposed an abstract operation of each possible color shades, in order to color the entire surface of the paper. While the kids started, activity, Marja explained to us the importance of starting the process by pure exploration of color and not an issue that could block the expression. In this way, children experience the possibilities of the process, gaining a code, a language ... rehearsing without knowing, Monet brushstrokes ... Chagall ...

In contrast, she commented that there is plastic works, schools, apparently creative but often based on stereotyped materials and codes that have nothing divergent. What is surprising in a society that is intended creative and innovative.

children start painting the background children start with painting the background

In the afternoon there was a visit to the Dutch sculptor Lucien den Arend who lives since 2013 in Kangasniemi and has installed his own sculptures in his garden.

From the weblog of the group:

The sculptures of a lifetime in a body garden and soul - Lucien den Arend

Late in Kangasniemi ...

The sculptor Lucien den Arend has given us a visit to your particular garden which brings together some of the works of art that have been exhibited in various cities in the world. The diversity of shapes and materials merge with the green landscape bathed in one of the thousands of lakes in Finland. He made us one trip where memories of the senses and the accounts converged in a single meeting. He reported to other artists such as Henry Moore, with whom he shared ideas and sculpture techniques. He told us of his technical rigor based on the intentionality of curved lines and reading of diversity in the way of the produced object.
Lucien den Arend is an important element in the way of promotion of art and art education in the countryside of Finland, Marja de Jong, a member of the board of AREFS Association welcomed us in this ERASMUS PLUS program.

lucien den arend in his own sculpture park sculpure park

In the attached PDF files we show our vision on art and art education.



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