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Program on the PDF file 2015 Naturally Art
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The 3rd day took place in the cultural city of Savonlinna.
The previous secretary-general of the regional Arts Council and art education expert Riitta Moisander organized a wonderful day in this beautiful city.
At first she introduced the Finnish school system and explained the vision on Children's Culture as written in the PDF file Proposal childrens culture.

the tree of children's culture

Riitta Moisander designed the 'big tree' in which the roots, trunk and treetop are showing the meaning of art and culture for the society.

After the morning meeting Riitta Moisander offered a lunch at Paviljonki, a restaurant executed by students of the vocational school.

lunch at paviljonki Savonlinna

Savonlinna is well known by its castle and the opera festival in summer and after meeting Christina Lund in Lossiranta the group visited the castle.

the castle in Savonlinna

In the gallery Ars Nova artists were installing an exhibition of Jyri Pitkänen, and together with Christina Lund, Riitta Moisander and Tuomo Kukkonen the group discussed about the content and meaning of art, presenting art and the way how it works in Finland.

gallery ars nova savonlinna in gallery Ars Nova Savonlinna

gallery Ars Nova Savonlinna


In the afternoon a visit was planned at the arts gymnasium of Savonlinna and the headmaster of the institute showed the different departments and

exhibition at Savonlinnan Taidelukio taidelukio Savonlinna

Taidelukio Savonlinna

Director Taidelukio and participants seminar

about education and art in Savolinnan taidelukio

About education and art in the art gymnasium in Savonlinna


In their weblog the group has expressed their impressions:
Morning in Savonlinna ...

We were to meet Riitta Moisander, a former teacher and Director of the Secondary Vocational School of Arts of this town, which was also General Secretary of the Regional Council for the Arts. Very affordable, and generous in its reception, this expert told us of their vision of Arts Education, the Finnish Educational System and the Cultural Centres programs for children. These have been around for ten years and meet twice a year to share experiences. She revealed to our group his thoughts represented in the "Great Tree" (see picture) of Education for Art and Culture, also distributing other documentation relating to the subjects covered.

As well Riitta warned, the child does not reach alone Art. Someone has to feed the process, provide visual education, provide and make known the means, the techniques, the various artistic languages ... awakening for the senses. Teachers need to have an understanding of their responsibility in this process. Through it, children will come to several specific languages, which will be the vehicle of its expression.
Marja de Jong, with its very visual and symbolic language, and added these ideas commenting that art is born of a struggle, with the materials to the idea, with the process. Otherwise, the result would be purely decorative.
She also pointed out the urgency of allowing the child to develop holistically, concluding that educational policy, to give up investing a part of the formation of the human being, for economic reasons, it is to mortgage the future.

Afternoon ...

We did a guided tour of the medieval castle in Savonlinna, getting to know his story to the independence of Finland, and the fact there during a major opera festival every year in summer.

A visit to the Art Gallery Ars Nova still be followed in Savonlinna, proposed by Riitta Moisander, where we were received by the resident artist, Tuomo Kukkonen, and two young artists who were preparing to mount a photography exhibition.

To complete this day, we visited the Savonlinna School of Art where young people between 16 and 19 years attending the Vocational Secondary Education Artistic.
In the company of its Director, of Marja de Jong and Riitta Moisander, we visited rooms which are derived classes of Visual Arts (painting, design, printing and ceramics) and Musical Interpretation.
This school has existed for 50 years and has 260 students, some of which will be formed as teachers of Basic Education and the Preschool.

In the attached PDF files we show our vision on art and art education.



PDF file Proposal children's culture in Finland


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