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painting about my family

The 3rd and 4th class were going more backwards in history than the 1st and 2nd class. They were looking for photos of their parent (grant)parents as source of looking for differences.
During the introduction different paintings and photos were showed and discussed. the relation between the persons, the fashion, the background, the way of painting.
In previous workshop they adapted the attitude to use the whole paper from the beginning. This is important to be able to be able to change during the process color, shape and perspective.
In this series they used a photograph, not with the intention to copy, but to stay informed about the difference with their own life.
The results are curious, and as part of the series of workshops it gives an impression of the way children organize their visual information.

painting about my family

After the first sessions the main forms are created and after the last session their view is finished.


paintings about my family

from left to right: Aino, Saana, Vili, Sofia, 3rd class

painting about my family

from left to right: Niko, Ella, Tara, Katariina 4th class



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