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detail tipi

introduction about the tipi class 1/2

As part of exploring the way of living in the past we introduced the tipi as a form of having a home when you have not a permanent home. Young children explain this from their own situation and they suggest that people were not able to make a house as we do. Thinking of the possibilities of their own tent, it can be folded, it can be replaced, they make the connection with this kind of homes.
Making a tipi is something you do together. In this case the painting of the outside fabric. As more people are living in one tipi they all contribute to the final result.
The tipi we will make is based on 4 sticks and a painted fabric cover around it.
All the fabric has to be painted and we work with one color/one brush system. The paint is acrylic based and liquid. Different colors are available.
During the introduction it is showed that all the colors are touching eachother.

carefully carying the paint

As the paint is very liquid they have to carry it carefully. When ready with one color it has to be returned and a new color can be taken.

The whole piece of fabric is painted by the group

There are four sides at the tipi and the class is divided in 4 groups of 6 children each. They can discuss about the forms, but it is also possible to select own ideas.

after the first session

After the first session all the fabric is colorful painted and is drying and waiting for the next layer.

another layer with new colors and details

With smaller brushes it is possible to make smaller details and mixed colors.

The tipi will be showed on the SAVON-RATS päivä on the 1st of October at Hiirola Station.
You are welcome to see this colorful result in the yard of the old railway station and see the exhibition of art works from this art project ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE in gallery STUDIO 23

project funding 2016-2017:

regional arts council




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