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  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line


introduction when I was a baby class 1 and 2

Young children are in years not so far from their origin, but in their feelings it is ages ago. It is interesting to see how they select the moments they think to be remarkable. During the introduction a selection of artworks in which children participate informs them about what it was to be so young. Their memory does not have real images available, but the photography these days is an important media to memorize their growing-up steps.
This workshop is different in the way that it is based on printed information and reflection on the art works.
The first steps is well known painting on different places to get a view on how the color will assist to create the shape.

first layer when I was a baby class 1 and 2

The various colors are inspiring and invite children to look for other combinations than they do in general.

painting and photo when I was a baby class 1 and 2

When the person appears on the paper it is a challenge to find out how it will fit and how the parts can be combined. Knowing and observing does not give a final solution for a good view.

paintings when I was a baby class 1

from left to right: Aapo S, Essi, Vane, Venla class 1

paintings when I was a baby class 2

from left to right: Aapo, Ada, Viivi, Johannes class 2

project funding 2016-2017:

regional arts council




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