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The final subject in the art education program ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE is based on the imagination of how the tribes came into Finland.
The area Finland is located was covered by ice and at the end of the glacial period the temperature rose, ice melted and the land appeared. During the years the landscape became covered by grass, bushes and trees. Animals were able to cross the open field and bushes and people started to hunt these animals. This is the simple overview of how the country became different.
As people came from different directions they had a different culture and some of these groups started to settle in the area of southern Finland.
To make visible what could have happened, the class was divided in different groups
1. musta metsä (black/dark forest)
2. punainen pelto (red field)
3. sininen saar (blue island)
4. vihreä vuori (green mountain)
5. keltainen kylä (yellow village)
The different groups were placed as a group, to make it easy to work together.
At first the groups started to write down what their people could have seen, why they would like to stay in that area.
After that they started to paint that landscape that could have many colors, but finally one color would be dominant.
During the painting sessions children had to negotiate and discuss about the elements of the landscape of the group.
To give more possibilities to change the got a second piece of paper to make a diptych in which they could show the landscape how it was before settling and how it has changed through settling.

unknown landscape for settling first step

After the first session it became clear that the way how a landscape could get its dominant color.

at work with unknown lanandscape for settling

During the next session a second painting could show how the landscape changed. Finally it would become a diptych.

next step in painting

Two groups after two different sessions.
Above the diptych is next each other and below it is above to each other

diptych landscape for settling

It is complex to step into a world you do not know, even there are movies, books and images that tries to explain the way people could have lived.
The modern way of living, the current society is a reference which cannot easily forgotten.
During 3 sessions the groups were at their own. In the fourth session the whole class came together and started to think about how they could live together.
Do they lose their identity, do they start new traditions, do they accept people from other 'groups'?
It is quit a lot and not all will be visible.

at work




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