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  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line


For many years the Haukivuorian Mattias has been a respected person in the village. His remarkable attitude created an ambiance of careful behavior with people an environment. He took care of the young ones, cleaned up the entrance street of the village, the market place and the railway station square. He planted flowers to color public areas. He even paid privately the asphalting of the railway station square to make it more safe.

People respected Mattias and they loved him. In 2010 he died and the first summer after it his attention is tremendous missing. Where are the flowers, where is his personal attention to people, where is his hand that took away the waste? There is a physically and emotional empty place after the dead of Mattias.

Where is the plaquette the authorities promised when he privately paid the asphalt of the station square?
How his contribution to a human and peaceful society can be honored?

The answer comes from the community. People will start to make a memorial by their own. They can do it together starting to work on the station square, knitting and crocheting pieces that can be add to the grass in the middle of the square.
Artists contribute with pieces in the middle that towering out of the grass and will be a sign for the travelers in the passing trains.

This is Haukivuori, keeping the memory of Mattias alive.



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