• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line


The SAVON-RADAN PÄIVÄ on Saturday October 4th 2014 was very successful at all the four stations. Hundreds of persons were visiting the different places and enjoyed the ambiance of local enthusiasm and involvement with new experiences in old places.
With the old train LÄTTÄHATU people were traveling along the railway in different directions and the events in and around the different stations were offering various attractions.
SAVON-RADAN ryhmä is planning new activities for the coming period and the group is interested in ideas and participation by local groups and individuals.
Thank you for attending this event and welcome next time!!

The activities were at the stations in Haukivuori, Kalvitsa, Hiirola, Mikkeli and Otava.

Savon-radan päivä 2014 at the railwa station Haukivuori

image Eva Häkkinen

Savon-radan päivä at Haukivuori station

Savon-radan päivä 2014 at Hiirola station

Savon-radan päivä at Hiirola station

Savon-radan päivä at the railway station Otava

image Seppo Koponen

Savon-radan päivä at Otava station

Support for the event has been given by:

Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta Haukivuoren Aluejohtokunta
Hiirolan Kylätoimikunta
Kalvitsan Kýläyhteistö

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