• Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line


museum train

Early in the morning the museum train departed to participate in the annual Savon-Radan päivä.

museum train at loukolampi

images Sami Huuskonen

The train passes Jyväskylä, Pieksämaki and Loukolampi on its way to Haukivuori.

Savon-Radan Päivä at Haukivuori

images Jari Ahokas

People waiting for the museum train could also visit the the model train in the railway building.

Savon Radan päivä train models at Haukivuori

images Jari Ahokas

The train model shows the environment of Haukivuori.

Savon-Radan päivä at Kalvitsa

images Sami Huuskonen

At Kalvitsa was a short stop, but people could also come by car to stay longer at this interesting station with all kind of historical details in the building and in the yard.

sanvon-radan päivä at Hiirola

images Marja de Jong

At Hiirola visitors were walking around

Savon-Radan päivä at Hiirola inside

images Marja de Jong

and were visiting the STUDIO 23, the library and the atelier inside the station. About 180 people are counted in Hiirola.

Savon-Radan päivä classic cars at different stations

images Marja de Jong

Mikkelin Mobilistit showed their classic cars at different stations

Savon-Radan päivä at vuolinko and Otava

images Sami Huuskonen and Juka Pitkonen

At Vuolinko and Otava the audience was interested in the presentations at these stations.


It was a beautiful day. The weather was very fine and it was great to meet people who are interested in these old stations.
The development of the buildings can be followed through visiting.

Thanks to all the participants and the museum train. They all did a great job, see you next year!


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