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SOLD: railway station Haukivuori - FINLAND

This historical building, build in 1888 to be a railway station in function of the railroad which opened in 1889, has been build in those days with high quality materials on rock solid foundations.
Later on the building was extended with the living quarters for the stationmaster.
The station has been in function until around 1980. After that period it has been more or less empty until the sales in 2005 the Finnish-Dutch couple.

After 2013 the building has been empty for most of its time.
In 2015 the railway station has got a new owner.

More of the history of this railway station as far as known, one part has had a function as telephone and post office in the past.
After that period one part of the station had the function of power/generator room, and battery room (the part/cupboard where at this moment the tools are stored)
The power room is the part where now the toilet and shower are located. There was a thin wall made out of board, this wall has been removed by the owners. They wanted to place in the middle of this large room an other wall, this is clearly visible.

When the previous owners bought the building, there was no water, neither sewage coming in or out of the building. These works have been done by the owners.
Kitchen has been painted by the owners and a kitchen unit placed and a door opening created towards the ex-power room.
Living quarters ceilings have been painted by the owner, no signs of leakage where detected by them in the whole building. Not on any ceiling, neither near any of the many chimneys. Some walls received new wallpaper.
No constructions have taken place regarding walls.

Once there has been an official from Mikkeli and he checked the building and found no problems.
"For a 100+ year old building it is in a very good condition", quote after the visit.

The only floor they installed is the wood floor in the kitchen and living quarters.
Floors in the stationmaster office and the waiting room are all in original condition as from the moment they bought the place.

Chimneys have been inspected by the fire brigade inspector in 2005, only one chimney can not be used (small room with red paneling). The owners removed the fireplace in this room and it is stored in the waiting room of the station.
All chimneys are swept yearly until 2012 by a local chimney sweeper.

There is only drainage from the one end of the house leading towards the ditch eastwards direction. This is visible by the collectors under the rain pipes.

The historical building of over 125 years old, which had the service function of a railway station must be able to see the characteristics for development of such a building. So far there have been very little adjustments made to the original construction showing no signs of decay, regarding the building is made out of wood.

map Haukivuori railway station as planned by the owner
Impression of the first floor of the  Haukivuori railway station. The plan is after the ideas of the owner and are pertly realized and partly under construction.


on Saturday July 4 2015 from 10-14.
Welcome to enjoy the lovely atmosphere of this characteristic and authentic building. Drink a cup of coffee/tea and walk around.

open doors Haukivuori railway station on July 4th 2015 Haukivuori railway station around 1900

Haukivuori Railway Station around 1900.

building built in 1888
architect Knut Nylander
station open 1.10.1889

The wooden building is a traditional log-building (hirsi talo) build in 1888 and extended to the left in 1925.
Later on the entrance has been replaced to the right.

The station is closed in 1989.
The stop was in use for passengers until august 2014.
The track is still in use for railway traffic.

ground floor: living area 200 m² (pinta-ala 200brm²) 7 rooms, and kitchen
attic with room, cellar
cellar and attic can be reached from the inside

electricity 3x 25A
municipal water and sewage system

The building is heated by original stoves, 3 authentic tiled stoves and 2 metal stoves (pönttöuuni)
The kitchen has a wood stove for heating and cooking

Including toilet and shower cabin
Another shower and toilet area is under construction

Plot size ha 0,7280

The railway station of Haukivuori is part of the series buildings along the Savo line. It is one of the examples of the wonderful design of the Finnish railway architect Knut Nylander and is built in the 80-ties of the 19th century. The original building has been extended in the first quarter of the 20th century.
The characteristic building is still in very good condition and a lovely place to live permanently, to start a business, to develop arts and craft, to use it as a place to stay during summer and more.

During 2012 the artist Marja de Jong has lived in this place and she has had a terrific time during that year. The ambiance, the way one can live in it, the spacy rooms, it was all so good and cozy.

The building has a complete kitchen including a traditional cooking place, toilet, and shower. The place is connected to electricity, municipal water and sewage system. The owner has started to bring extra comfort, like an extra bathroom and sauna. These facilities are not ready yet, but all the material is available.

haukivuori maps 1889 and 1924

 original design 1889 by Knut Nylander and extension in 1925. Map National Archive of Finland Helsinki.

haukivuori railway station front of the building and the barn

The Haukivuori railway station in winter (2004) and summer (2012) and the barn

Haukivuori railway station - interior - living room

Living rooms with tiled stoves in both of them.

different ovens in theHaukivuori station

Authentic tiled stoves in the bed, living and dining room, metal stoves in the office and waiting room.

bedroom in the railway station of Haukivuori

The bedroom with its oriental atmosphere.

Kitchen in the railway station Haukivuori

The kitchen is comfortable and equipped with electric stove, wood stove, dishwasher and microwave.

Kitchen in the railway station of Hakivuori

Kitchen in the evening with the door to the room in which is a shower cabin and toilet.

under construction shower toilet and sauna room

The room with toilet, shower cabin and wash machine. A sauna area is planned.

room between dining room and office

Between the dining room and the office there is a small room.

office room in Haukivuori station

In the former office room, still some original furniture is left. The ticket window to the waiting room is complete.

waiting room with entrance door

The waiting room is temporary in use as storage for tools and furniture. The original entrance doors are still in use.

Room and attic in Haukivuori station

Detail of the attic with the original construction of the roof and one of the chimneys. Left image shows the room at the attic.




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