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  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

STUDIO 23 summer 2017 15.7.-3.9.2017

2017 summer exhibition STUDIO 23 Hiirola

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 12-16 and after appointment 

The small gallery in the old railway station of Hiirola shows the art works of the Dutch artist Marja de Jong and some works of other artists and artisans.

summer exhibition 2017 in Studio 23

Wooden and ceramic sculptures are installed in the yard and on the platform.

Every visitor will enjoy the ambiance of this art place and will leave with the impression of the importance of art in small and rural areas.

During opening time the artist can tell about her story, her dreams and her experiences far away from crowded cities.
She can tell about the way how living in this little village has influenced her art production, her view on art and how she has experienced a new way of living.

summer exhibition 2017 Studio 23 Hiirola

The gallery offers paintings, small prints, books, objects, handicraft and postcards.

You are welcome!

Studio 23 can be found on the website Kulttuurireitit and includes maps to find the studio in Hiirola and other art and culture places in Mikkeli.


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