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christmas atmosphere at Hiirola railway station

Gallery STUDIO 23 in Hiirola railway station

is dressed into a Christmas atmosphere from November 22 until December 23.
Visitors are welcome to enjoy the special exhibition with arts and crafts, to drink a gloggi and have a sweet or salty snack and have a chat about art, Christmas, winter time and all those thing we all are interested in.

STUDIO 23 is open on
Saturday and Sunday from 12-16
on week days after an appointment
special openings are planned during this period

OPENING of the event

TUESDAY November 22 17-19

lottery pricewith special attention to the lottery which will be during this exhibition

impression of the exhibition impression of the exhibition imtression of the christmas presentation

impression of the CHRISTMAS presentation in STUDIO 23

detail of the chrismas presentation detail christmas presentation chritsmas presentation part of the chrismas presentation christmas tree

 The gallery shows arts and crafts from different origin and in different prices.
There is art in small sizes and it costs from 15 - 150 Euro
The price of a larger size is temporary reduced from 350 Euro to 250 Euro.
Different craft works are from 5 - 75 Euro.
Small little presents are between 3 and 15 Euro.

lottery during the christmas presentation


During the whole period of the CHRISTMAS exhibition every visitor can participate in the lottery.

The lottery is for free.

On December 23 one of the filled papers will be selected and the art work will be theirs.


1990 - acrylic paint - 30 square - Marja de Jong
size 20x20 cm, including passe-partout 30x30 cm


The revenue of the Christmas show at STUDIO 23 will be added to the budget for art activities and events in and around Hiirola.

You are welcome during our opening hours, but also after an appointment, to have a warm and good beginning of Christmas time.
There is some glöggi, there are some small snacks and is something for the children.


The revenue of this Christmas show will be donated to the budget of AREFS' art program.
It will be used to execute a cultural and art program in Hiirola and at the school in Rämälä.

Opening exhibition CHRISTMAS AT STUDIO 23
The exhibition is from November 22 until December 23 2016 and open on
Lauantai/Saturday 12-16
Sunnunat/tSunday 12-16
and after an appointment You are WELCOME!



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