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installation christmas-new-year-new year

Gallery STUDIO 23 in Hiirola railway station

STUDIO 23 has been transformed into an art installation with components of Christmas and New Year.
Marja de Jong has selected art works and prints from the past and installed them into an installation which will change during the coming months.

December is holidays season and the celebration time of different events. Christmas and New Year are celebrated by every one with Christmas trees, decorations, presents and food. New Year is the tie to think about what has happened last year and to start with a fresh page in your book.
Sending card with all your best wishes is a tradition that is taken over by sending these greeting by email or social media.

During many years Marja de Jong has printed every year her own New Years cards, since she lives in Finland she has designed and sent them digital. In 2016 she restarted with hand printed copies of her design.

The installation shows the previous cards and the new series in combination with a series of mono-prints based on her stay during Chinese New Year in 1999 in Singapore. The red circle on the ceiling dominates the space and colors the light in a special way.

Light as an important element during the dark season in the Nordic area is represented by different strings and the free expression of the Christmas tree.

OPENING TIME: every day between 14.00 and 16.00 by knocking on the door
You are welcome to see the installation and to have a chat about the work.
To be sure there is somebody to open the door you can call on beforehand 050-4625675

installation in STUDIO 23 winter 2018
installation CHRISTMAS 2017 - NEW YEAR - NEW YEAR

installation Marja de Jong during winter 2018

installation CHRISTMAS 2017 - NEW YEAR - NEW YEAR

intallation Marja de Jong in STUDIO 23

installation CHRISTMAS 2017 - NEW YEAR - NEW YEAR



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