AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry
AREFS art and culture association

  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line


Even the yard has decorated itself with a new dress. Unfortunately it will be temporary, but still it is impressive.
The art works in the yard have got an own new outfit.

knitting work by mariëtte cordes knitted work by mariette cordes

Knitted garden by Mariëtte Cordes in winter outfit.

sculpture by Yildiz Guner sculpture by Yildiz Guner sculpture by Yildiz Guner sculpture by Yildiz Guner

sculptures by Yildiz Guner Turkey are like guards keep watch the yard around the railway station.


entrance studio 23 entrance studio 23 entrance studio 23 entrance image studio 23

The end of the year is a dark period and it is great to stay at home where it is warm and cozy. Together with family, friends and dear ones. /> The the old door of the entrance of STUDIO 23 is decorated with images to invite people to come in and to participate in a lovely Christmas ambiance.

contribution thermometer to show the budget for art activities in Hiirola region

The revenue of the Christmas show at STUDIO 23 will be added to the budget for art activities and events in and around Hiirola.
Next year AREFS is planning a series of art workshops in the school in Rämälä, the SAVON-RADAN päivä at Hiirola rautatieasema and different art presentations at STUDIO 23.

At the end of 2015 AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry created a nice presentation of art, crafts and presents in STUDIO 23.
The CHRISTMAS presentation is an inviting show of a special selected collection gifts in the nice ambiance of the railway station.

Many lovely objects and lots of lights are creating a real Christmas atmosphere inside the old railway station.
It is the first time the station is open during the period before Christmas. .

You are welcome during our opening hours, but also after an appointment, to have a warm and good beginning of Christmas time.
There is some glöggi, there are some small snacks and is something for the children.

christmas tree in the window  angel lights  christmas tree in the window 

The window to the yard is decorated with glass balls, angel lights and colored figures.  


From outside the window of STUDIO 23 shows a mysterious light inside, come and enjoy the curious ambiance of the old railway station of Hiirola. A place where people can meet each other and experience an attractive location.


christmas atmosphere at studio 23 christmas atmosphere studio 23  christmas atmosphere studio 23 
overview presentation overview presentation overview presentation

Impressions of the presentation.

The revenue of this Christmas show will be donated to the budget of AREFS' art program it will use to achieve its plans for 2016.
It will be used to execute a cultural and art program in Hiirola and at the school in Rämälä.
A nA new series of art workshops at the Rämälän school are under preparation. The SAVON-RADAN päivä is part of the program too.
There are interesting offers for members of AREFS. You can join AREFS as a member and AREFS has special offers for their (new) members. />
It is our our intention to expand the circle of people involved and contribute in this way to a good cultural and living environment of the village.

as a new member you receive a candle or glasses with a gift of 50 euro you receive a beautiful vase contribution 100 euro

BecBecome a member of AREFS and receive a candle glass KIVI or a set Kartio glasses
(retail value between 12 and 20 euro)

Contribute a gift of 50 Euro to AREFS and receive an Alvar Aalto vase
(retail value 99 Euro)

Contribute 100 Euro to AREFS and you can select a painting from the series Hiirola, homage to Knut Nylander.
(retail value 150 Euro)

Opening exhibition CHRISTMAS AT STUDIO 23
The exhibition is from November 6 until December 20 2015 and open on
Perjantai/Friday 16-19
Lauantai/Saturday 13-17
Sunnunat/tSunday 13-17
and after an appointment /> You are WELCOME!

invitation presentation CHRISTMAS AT STUDIO 23


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