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  • Savon Radan ryhmä organizes activities along the historical Savo line

konstrundan 18-2- august 2017

Konstrundan 2017 review

results of family day

Kites painted by children during the KONSTRUNDAN family day at STUDIO 23

The family day on Friday was a wonderful happening with many children who were painting a kite.
To be prepared for rain the platform outside was covered by fabric and it was nice to work under it.

family day during konstrundan 2017 at hiirola station

Children could work inside or outside.

at work on painting kites durin konstrundan 2017

The youngest participant was just 2 years old and she was painting enthusiastic.

painting kites during konstrundan 2017


On Saturday and Sunday open studio

The doors were open for visitors to see the atelier/workspace and gallery of Marja de Jong in the old railway station.

open doors during KONSTRUNDAN

The gallery has got attention by all visitors as they could see the art works of Marja de Jong and have time to study them.

people visiting the gallery

The library and the atelier, but also the view on the railroad were highlights for visitors.

visitors in library and atelier


lottery during KONSTRUNDAN 2017

Visitors could participate in an art lottery and win an art work by Marja de Jong





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