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savon-radan päivä



review Hiirola

prepairing the day

Early in the morning at work to prepare  the different attractions at Hiirola railway station.

The program in Hiirola:
open doors of a part of the railway station
art gallery with exhibition of art works by by children of Rämälä school
arts and craft fair in the yard
coffee and snacks
wool factory Pirtin Kehräämö

Different trains stopped at the station

The first train took passengers to Mikkeli, another train was going to Haukivuori and later another train stopped to take people to Mikkeli.

over 150 peoples were attending the event

Even the weather had its own ideas about celebrating the event, over 150 persons were attending the event at Hiirola.

child art at the yard

In the yard a tipi, made by children of the 1st and 2nd class in Rämälä school was installed. The exhibition with child art from all the children of this school was presented in the gallery STUDIO 23. In the yard children could paint on fabric the skin for another tipi, unfortunately the rain took all the color away.

exhibition art steps from past to future

In the gallery the art works from the art project ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE are exhibited.

Finally it was a wonderful day thanks to all the peoples which visited the railway station, but also thanks to those who contributed by presenting, organizing and guiding this day.
Hiirolan kylätoimikunta and lättähattu are perfect organizations to co-operate with, thank you!


Hiirolan Kylätoimikunta
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