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art steps from past to future

images left Arttu,  right Viola class 5 'living in the past'

As part of their innovative art education program AREFS is planning to develop a new series of art workshops for primary schools. After THIS IS OUR NATURE and THIS IS MY BACKYARD, ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE will be a new perspective on the geographical, social, cultural and human environment of children. In line with the previous programs, the new project will develop experimental artistic topics to explore the relation between children and their historical roots and to make a connection with their future. It is the intention to create series of art lessons in which the artistic process is the key to open the meaning of it in different ways.
The environment and the community content a hidden treasure of information about the past. The landscape covers ancient signs of the past. Sometimes they are more or less visible, mostly they are unknown and unseen. Still they are telling about those who were there.
The community has their own source of verbal and visual information.

In 2016 AREFS will start with a pre-project to develop the content of the innovative and experimental art and art education program ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE. This program will initiate and develop new strategies for strengthening rural awareness. As the landscape is part of one's identity, the history is important to understand where it belongs to and it creates the condition of one's view on reality. The signs in the rural landscape and the verbal stories of the community are important sources for children to explore their roots. It is the intention to combine physical experiences, reflections, imagination and artistic works. Visual art, poetry/writing, archeology, history and other elements in the school program will be used as source during the process and production. Through exploring, collecting, documenting, photographing, discussing, printing, painting, describing etc their own history children are invited to open the world of the past and to use it as part of their base for the future.

Finally AREFS will publish the remarkable results of this program and the two previous programs in huge data base on the internet, to be a source for education.

The pre-project will take place from spring 2016 until autumn 2016
About 70 children from 7 to 13 year will participate in the program (class 1-6 Rämälä school)
There are 20 art workshops planned with in total 10 topics.
Some activities will be planned on locations outside the school
Exchange with the teachers about the content of the workshops, relation with the curriculum


project funding 2016-2017:

regional arts council




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